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Plant a Tree

Earth is calling: Plant a tree!

The Earth is being deforested. At a rate equivalent to 50 football fields per minute! The Earth is calling for help - and we are responding, loud and clear.

GreyLime is a Proud Plant-A-Tree Partner, and we have already planted nearly 30,000 trees in Africa. We support the international non-profit organisation, Trees for the Future, and you can also lend your support. For each one of our products that you buy, we plant another tree and in this way you help give African farmers a better life while also creating a better climate and protecting the Earth’s biodiversity. We will show you exactly where your tree is planted!

GreyLime is not a green company. Yes, we offer biodegradable smartphone covers but, unfortunately, power banks are (as yet) far from being “green” tech. So our collaboration with Trees for the Future is one of the ways we try to restore some balance. Give back to nature - and give thousands of African farmers the opportunity to restore balance in their own lives. Because we don’t just plant trees.

Trees for the Future educates farmers around the world in ways to revitalise their land and in sustainable cultivation methods, increasing their income and their ability to put food on the table. While also making them less vulnerable to climate change. Trees for the Future works all around the world because the thoughtless destruction of forest habitats is, unhappily, a major global issue. The worst affected areas are in Africa, Latin America and South and Southeast Asia. That is why we cannot turn our backs to the problem. That is why we act and why we’ve chosen to be a Proud Plant-A-Tree Partner.

Thank you in advance for your support!


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