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About GreyLime

We’re breaking new ground - with a marriage of technology and aesthetics

We’re the folks behind GreyLime, a handful of enthusiastic tech nerds from Denmark who live and breathe technology and innovative electronic gadgets. We invest all our creative joy, knowledge and experience in being able to offer products that don’t look like anything else out there and that live up to our high demands and standards.

GreyLime supplies power banks for every need and biodegradable, flexible smartphone covers; our ambitions for our brand have been sky-high right from the get-go. We aim to upend conventional expectations with a range of products that depart from everything else seen before. Clearly, capacity and quality were never up for discussion, but we were determined to add another layer. Design. To gift wrap all the “nerdy” extras and reach a target group for whom aesthetics are as important as practical use. This resulted in a series of powerful designs in colours and forms inspired by the natural world: the skies, the oceans and granite rocks. Early indications are that we succeeded. For instance, Mercedes Benz chose to customize GreyLime’s power banks with their iconic logo for the launch of the EQ model, and we collaborate with several leading fashion houses.

GreyLime has been astoundingly well-received and met with enthusiasm in every quarter. Helped on its way, not least, by technology reviews in several major Danish media outlets, who chose us as test winners, emphasising what has been our intention all along: Capacity, quality and design.

And of course our name, GreyLime, is not without a refreshing twist

When you purchase a GreyLime product, you support our partnership with the international non-profit organisation, Trees for the Future, whose reforestation work helps contributes to a better climate and protects the Earth’s biodiversity. One product = One tree And you receive tangible proof that you are helping to make a difference. 

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