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USB-C to USB-C Cable

USB-C cables are here to stay

More and more devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets are using USB-C cables. Therefore, a USB-C cable is becoming more and more relevant. USB-C is also far better compared to the older models we know; USB-A and Micro-USB.
USB-C cables are faster for transferring files and data between devices, but can also transfer much more power - that is, you get faster charges. This is the number one priority for many people, as especially newer mobiles are becoming able to be charged with more and more watts. To get an optimal and fast charge, the wall charger and the used cable must be able to deliver the maximum watts.

All GreyLime cables including USB-C to USB-C cable have nylon braided construction, also called braided, and this makes them both flexible but especially also durable. It extends the life so you do not have to throw cables out and buy new ones all the time. GreyLime USB-C to USB-C cables come in many beautiful and lively colours, so there is definitely a cable that suits your taste.
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GreyLime USB-C cables in 2 lengths and beautiful colours

GreyLime USB-C to USB-C cables come in 2 lengths; 1 meter and 2 meter cables. This allows you to take one with you in your bag when you are on the go without it filling up. The long variant is perfect to have next to the bed, the sofa or at the desk and still get great freedom without being limited by a thrall and short cable.

USB-C cables with 60Watt and 15Watt

We offer 2 kinds of USB-C to USB-C cables in addition to different colours and lengths. There is a difference in how many watts they can draw, and therefore we have divided the cables into 2 additional categories; 15Watt and 60watt cables.

We recommend that you choose 60 watts if it is to be used to charge laptops, tablets and newer mobiles such as Samsung Galaxy S22 and later. It is recommended as it will provide faster charging but is also necessary for especially laptops as otherwise, they will lose power to be charged.

USB-C to USB-C with 15 watts is fine for a wide range of mobiles and accessories such as headphones, smartwatches and the like with USB-C port. You can easily use USB-C with 15 watts for almost all mobiles, but we recommend the 60 watt cable if you want lightning-fast charging. In addition, however, it also requires that the power source, the wall charger, can supply the necessary power.

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