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Smartphone Covers iPhone 11

Do nature and your iPhone 11 a favour: Choose an eco-friendly cover

Do you feel really bad when you think about how much plastic ends up in nature every day? Then we have good news for you. On this page you will find a wide selection of beautiful covers for iPhone 11 - and they all have in common that they are made completely without plastic.
The covers you will find on this page are made of seed and plant fibres. This means that they are an environmentally friendly alternative. So you get an environmentally friendly cover for your iPhone 11, which is also 100% biodegradable, so you can basically throw it in the compost when it's time for something new.

You do not have to compromise to be environmentally friendly

It is the little things in everyday life that ultimately make a big difference. It is said that many small streams make a large river - and this is also the case when it comes to being climate-friendly. You get really far by thinking in small changes and generally being critical of your consumption.

You also do not have to compromise - at least not when it comes to a new cover for your iPhone 11. With the various covers from GreyLime, you not only get a climate-friendly cover - you also get a thoroughly tested cover that provides optimal protection for your phone.

At GreyLime, you also always get a wide selection - the many soft covers are available in several different colours, so you can find a cover in your favourite colour.

Buy a cover from GreyLime and support a good cause

When you buy one of the smart covers from GreyLime, you are not only doing yourself and your phone a favour: you are also helping to support a good cause. For every GreyLime product sold, a tree is planted as part of the Plant a Tree project.

Behind Plant a Tree is the environmental organization, which works hard every day to restore depleted forestry in some of the worst affected places in the world - and that's what you help to support when you order your cover here.

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