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Smartphone Covers iPhone 11 Pro Max

Get an eco-friendly cover for your iPhone 11 Pro Max

Did you know that it's the little things that count? This is how it is with many things - and this is also the case when it comes to being more climate-friendly. You can make a big difference by changing small things in your everyday life.
One of the things you can do is try to avoid unnecessary plastic - and this is where GreyLime comes into the picture. On this page you will find covers for your iPhone 11 Pro Max, which are made of natural materials. They have not seen the shadow of plastic. Instead, they are made from seed and plant fibres. I theory, you can throw your cover for compost when it's time for something new.

Do you want to take care of both your iPhone and the environment? So go exploring on this page, where you will find a selection of eco-friendly covers that fit the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Do you want to reduce your CO2 footprint? With a cover from GreyLime you can:

  • Protect your phone from wear, scratches, bumps andbumps so your phone lasts longer (and stays nice).
  • Help to take care of the environmentbecause the cover is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  • Choose from several different coloursso you can easily find your favourite.
  • Support a good cause.For every GreyLime product sold, the organization Trees for the Future plants a tree in the fight against depleted forestry.

The biodegradable covers are available for several different models - maybe you have an iPhone 11 or a Samsung? No problem. You will find covers in natural materials for many more models right here →

Get your hands on a cover that is free of unnecessary plastic

Do you want to help make a difference for the planet? Then it is obvious to think of alternatives - for example by choosing a cover that is 100% biodegradable, because it is produced without classic plastic. 

Explore here on the site where you will find a wide selection of eco-friendly covers for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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