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Smartphone Covers Samsung S10+

Protect nature and your Samsung S10+ with an environmentally friendly cover

Did you know that it was possible to get covers that are made entirely without plastic? It may sound too good to be true, but nevertheless, that is exactly what you will find here on the site. Here you will find covers for the Samsung S10+ that are made exclusively from seed and plant fibres. This does not just mean that they are environmentally friendly - it also means that they are 100% biodegradable. So when your cover has served its military service, your cover can in principle be sorted as compost. Want to look after your phone with a clear conscience? So go exploring on this page, where you will find environmentally friendly soft covers that all fit the Samsung S10+.

5 things you should know about covers from GreyLime:

  1. All covers on this page are made from biodegradable materials such as seed and plant fibres. This means that they are manufactured completely without plastic. And then you are free to contribute to unnecessary plastic that often ends up in nature.
  2. You can choose from several different colors, so you will quickly find your favourite. All colors are kept in clean, modern tones and shades.
  3. Every time you buy a product from GreyLime, you help support a good cause. You contribute one tree for each product. You do this because the Plant a Tree project plants a tree for every GreyLime product sold - and you help support this through your purchase.
  4. The covers you find here effectively protect your phone against wear, scratches, bumps and shocks - so you can be environmentally friendly without compromising on quality.
  5. All covers here fit the Samsung S10+ - but we have covers for many other models.

Time for something new? Find your new cover at GreyLime

Is it time for a nice cover that fits well in your hand - and that doesn't leave you with a bad taste in your mouth? You will quickly find a new favorite here at GreyLime.

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