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Smartphone Covers iPhone 12 Mini

Protect your iPhone 12 Mini with a 100% biodegradable cover

Did you know that there are covers for the iPhone 12 Mini, which are made exclusively from seed and plant fibres, and are 100 biodegradable? This is exactly what you will find on this page. GreyLime works hard to offer products that make it easier to be good to our nature - and therefore you can also get your hands on a 100% biodegradable cover for your iPhone 12 Mini, so you can help make a difference.

Dive into the selection right here on the page, where you will find a wide selection of smart covers that protect both your phone and nature. Although our covers are biodegradable, you can rest assured that they provide effective protection for your beloved iPhone, so it avoids scratches, wear, bumps and bumps. With an environmentally friendly cover from GreyLime, you are at the forefront. While it seems like a small thing to choose an eco-friendly cover for its iPhone 12 Mini, you are actually helping to make a bigger difference than you might expect. 

For one thing, the cover is made of seed and plant fibres instead of plastic. Another thing is that you support a good cause every time you buy a product from GreyLime. 

For every GreyLime product sold, a tree is planted through the Plant a Tree project. The environmental organization Trees for the Future is behind it - and their mission is to restore depleted forestry in the places in the world that are hardest hit. 

Get your fingers in one of the smart covers from GreyLime

Is it time to upgrade your cover game? Then you can get your fingers in one of the smart and environmentally friendly covers from GreyLime right here. Simply choose the one that best suits you and your style - then we will make sure to ship ASAP

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